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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  April 7, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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autria: happening right now fairfax water crews restored water to residents in mount vernon and hope to finish repairs on a water main fully reopening the roadway by evening rush. jummy: until then mike conneen tells us traffic is limited to one lane in each direction. >> route 1 there's always something on route 1. it comes with living here. mike: earlier this morning, route 1 richmond highway became a park lot with all lanes in both direction shut down due to
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this mas break. drivers were detoured only a few blocks but traffic barely moved. fairfax water says the call came in around 4:00 a.m. but it's still unclear how the 14 inch water main was damaged. it was not until 7:30 a.m. that crews were able to open one lane in each direction. >> one of our neighbors called my wife at 5:00 to let us know that, you know route 1 was messed up. mike: not just a traffic impact. there was also a water outage as a result of this water main break with fairfax water crews quickly shutting off the supply. that meant these residents in these eight townhome units woke up to no running water and a lake outside of their front doors. >> i saw the flashing lines. i open the window and i saw like water all over like a flood. mike: the water line stopped at residents' garage doors later receding but leaving behind thick mud and lots of debris. by mid mornings fairfax county restored water to these residentsment they plan to finish later this afternoon.
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mike conneen, abc 7 news. autria: service is returning to normal at the train station in maryland after a suspicious package was reported this morning. service was suspended on the camden line while police investigated and that caused delays for 30 minutes for commuters. the police activity caused delays on route 100. police say there was no criminal act and cleared the scene about two hours ago. jummy: developing now. waiting for a verdict. deliberations under way in boston bombing trial. dzhokhar tsarnaev faces life in prison for even the death penalty if he's convicted in the attacks that killed three people and injured more than 260 others. marcy gonzalez has the latest developments from boston. marcy: deliberations started this morning with the horrific sights and sounds of the boston marathon bombing's aftermath. >> no! marcy: fresh in jurors' minds. >> i have to imagine the deliberations going forward are going to be very very hard for these jurors.
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marcy: the bloody scene among the last images shown to the jury. during yesterday's closing arguments, prosecutors told the seven women and eight men tasked with deciding dzhokhar tsarnaev's fate that the attack was part of his plan to punish america. showing what they say is proof that he planted one of the bombs knowing a family was standing nearby claiming these children weren't innocent to him. they were american. prosecutors playing what they call jihadi music they claim tsarnaev and his deceased older brother tamerlan plotted the attack. the defense reiterated their claim he was a follower influenced by tamerlan saying fingerprints received in computer evidence showed that tamerlan made the bombs and he was the mastermind. his attorneys say the 21-year-old defendant did play a role and there's no excuse planting bombs in the boston marathon was a senseless act adding "but if not for tamerlan it wouldn't have happened."
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the jury is now weighing 30 charges. 17 of which carried the possibility of the death penalty. if tsarnaev is convicted, the sentencing phase of the trial is expected to start next week. in boston marcy gonzalez abc 7 news. autria: the murder trial against aaron hernandez is also wrapping up. lawyers are delivering closing arguments this noon. hernandez is accused in the june 2013 shooting death of oden lloyd who was dating the sister of hernandez's fiancee. he pleaded not guilty. jury is expected to get the case later today. jummy: today, we are expecting to learn whether or not a father and his seven children died from carbon monoxide poisoning. family was found inside their home on maryland's eastern shore in princess anne. they were called because the father missed work. that's when officers discovered the body. todd was running a generator to hit the house because the electricity had been shut off. fire investigators are working to figure out if hazardous
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materials from an industrial storage yard fire in capitol heights seeped into a nearby marshy area. more than 100 firefighters battled the three alarm blaze on ashwood drive behind the roofing company falco industries. two firefighters suffered minor injuries. strong winds caused the fire to shift destroying two fire engines. the west lanham hills fire department opened up a go fund account to help replace those engines. jummy: smoke was reported in a tunnel near the bethesda station. metro says a malfunctioning electrical insulator was removed and the smoke cleared away. you will want to keep your umbrella nearby this week. wet weather and even thunderstorms are expected today. chief meteorologist doug hill is here with a look at our first forecast. hey, doug. doug: hey there, no rain right now. kind of cloudy and mild outside of the belfort furniture weather center. let's give you a look right now at conditions in alexandria from the bell haven country club and little breaks every now and
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then. the sun tries to peek through. i think that will be a losing battle but temperatures are mild enough. 66 degrees there. 60 degrees at quantico. 67 at washington dulles. 55 degrees with that cool breeze coming off the river and the chesapeake bay in annapolis. we'll do better. we'll hit 70 degrees i think in most spots. there's rain to deal with. first batch, heavy rain moving out of the bristol, virginia and tennessee will spread southeastward through north carolina but a few more showers likely as we head through the afternoon and really for the next several days we'll have shower opportunities. best chances for an isolated thunderstorm, perhaps, today and then again for the day on friday. but for this tuesday, not like yesterday's award-winning weather with the clear skies and 75-degree weather. today, we'll barely get into 70's. lots of clouds. maybe a shower and rumble of thunder. we'll look ahead not only to more rain but look ahead to a much better weekend forecast when i join you in a couple of minutes. jummy? jummy: happening right now, a live look at the official campaign kickoff rally for kentucky senator rand paul.
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this morning, the tea party favorite announced his bid for the republican presidential nomination. he'll then travel to early nominating states with the pitch aimed at the libertarian corners of the g.o.p. and he plans to keep his senate seat while he runs. voters in ferguson missouri will hit the polls today to fill three city council seats. the positions are up for grabs following fallout from a department of justice report. it found evidence of racial bias and profiling in the city police department and the court system. the city manager police chief, judge and two police officers resigned. the court clerk was fired. autria: we are learning more about a foiled terror plot in new york city. the f.b.i. says the man planned to target president obama bombing coney island and murdering uniformed police and military personnel in the u.s. this is the fourth recent terror arrest in the u.s. f.b.i. says there's a growing movement involving american women recruited on social media to join isil or al-qaida.
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jummy: the chief of iran's revolutionary guard is defending the country's deal with the u.s. the protesters in tehran today the deal a defeat. the details are still being worked out. it is expected to be finalized by june 30th. president obama also facing criticism on the deal from congress and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. autria: the explosion that leveled three buildings in new york city is now being investigated as a homicide. that's according to "the new york daily news." investigators say the blast was caused by workers illegally tapping into a gas line. authorities say they're prepared to bring criminally negligent homicide charges against whoever is responsible. two people died in the explosion exactly one week ago. dozens more were injured. police say a teenager shot last night in southeast d.c. has now died. that shooting happened on 37th street just three blocks from the fort dupont ice rink.
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the teen was rushed to the hospital. police say he did not survive. so far, no arrests. investigators are expected to release more information this afternoon so make sure you stay with abc 7 on air and on line for updates on autria: staff at gallaudet university are protesting sexual assault on campus. the campus was ranked number one for on campus sexual assaults. they are promoting a white house led initiative and the protest kicks off in less than half-hour. we'll have more tonight starting here on abc 7 news at 4:00. jummy: update now on that american health care worker being treated for ebola at the national institutes of health in bethesda. officials say the patient has been upgraded from fair to good condition. the person's name has not been released. we are told the patient contracted ebola while volunteering in sierra leone and arrived at n.i.h. more than three weeks ago. coming up on abc 7 news at noon
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top honors to a theft investigation. a local high school robotic team is going to the world championships without their prize winning robot. a look at the theft investigation now under way. >> forever remembered. the new forever stamp honoring the late maya angelou. one of the big names that helped unveil it. jummy: plus lost for four days in the woods. what led to the amazing rescue of this 11-year-old boy. autria: and a big temperature change on the way. doug is back with when you'll have to get that jacket ready again.
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jummy: a virginia high school robotics team took top honors at a competition this weekend but
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the trophies and even their prized robot didn't make it back. that's because someone stole their s.u.v. on the way home. our john gonzalez has more on this brazen theft. john: this robot created by high school students will eventually be able to pick up containers with arms and move around on its own but it is a work in progress. and this is why. last week the robotics team in loudoun county won some top honors at a competition in knoxville, tennessee, but their highs quickly turned to lows. their s.u.v. the next morning, with their trophies computers and their actual robot were all stolen from their hotel. the team has earned a spot in the national championships in st. louis in two weeks, they must raise now $1500 and build an entirely new robot. they've already started and today, the virginia senator tim kaine met with the team and got a first-hand look at the new robot in training.
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>> kept winning and winning and go to the finals and then this morning we wake up and no robot. and we've lost everything. >> what a horrible thing and yet, if i know these guys and i'm going to talk to them, my sense is they are truly disappointed but also resilient and trying to figure out what the plan b is and that's a lot of life. john: as for that white chevy stolen with virginia tags in tennessee, still no trace police out there say. but the students here say they are very confident they will get this robot ready to go for finals in two weeks. in loudoun county john gonzalez, abc 7 news. autria: an hour ago, the u.s. postal service unveiled a stamp honoring the late poet author and civil rights champion maya angelou. the ceremony was held at d.c.'s warner theater. first lady michelle obama, former ambassador andrew young and oprah winfrey were among the guests scheduled to attend. >> dr. maya angelou was truly a
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great american. in so many ways through her life, her advocacy her passion for people and for justice and most importantly through her words, she inspired us. autria: the stamp was designed by ethyl kesle of bethesda. maya angelou died last may at the a of 86. jummy: james best best known for role as boscoe coltrain died. he died from complications of pneumonia. he starred on the show from 1979 to 1985. he was the law man chasing the duke brothers. and blues magician b.b. king is in a los angeles hospital this afternoon. he was admitted yesterday for dehydration caused by type two diabetes. king's daughter says he is doing much better. his latest health scare comes less than a year after dehydration and exhaustion caused him to cancel a concert tour. a young boy with autism is back
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home this afternoon after getting lost in the australian woods. 11-year-old luke shambrook was spotted by a helicopter three days after wandering off from his parents' campsite. rescuers slid down embankments to come to his aid. while volunteers used chain saws to clear a path for a stretcher. >> overwhelmed by the response and we're very thankful that we live in a society that puts a lot of effort into finding children. autria: rescuers say luke survived rainy and cold elements and was found in the dense forest with nothing to eat or drink. jummy: today president obama plans to focus on the impact of climate change on public health. he'll take part in a roundtable discussion on the issue at howard university. he'll be joined by the surgeon general and the head of the e.p.a. he says google is donating 10 million hours of advanced computing time to new tools. they include risk maps and early warnings for things like wildfires and oil flares.
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and a spring storm is bringing much needed rain to northern california and it could bring up to two feet of snow in the mountains by the end of today. unfortunately, forecasts say it will do little to ease the state's historic drought. the governor has issued an order requiring the state's cities and towns to conserve water usage by about 25%. autria: all right. well, rainy day today for us! doug: kind of cloudy at the moment. had a little rain this morning more this afternoon. we'll have chances of rain at times the next few days. right now the weekend looks like it will be fine. let's get started. time lapse from our weather bug camera in charles county maryland, and there's a little blue sky. and a little brief glimpse of the sun this morning after sunrise. clouds have been steadily rolling in. we may see every now and then, the next couple of days a glimpse of sun. more than that it will be cloudy and will be that ever present risk of a shower now and then. it's certainly not going to rain all the time. we're seeing that. now, as far as what's happening right now weatherwise around the area temperatures in the upper 60's. 68 degrees in great falls.
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and 67 right now in rockville. 69 degrees in manassas. 72 degrees in winchester. rain measured so far, .08 of an inch and that's about it. we'll add a little more over the next few days. temperatures holding at 66 at reagan national. 64 in gaithersburg. 72 reported out of frederick. 67 degrees at washington dulles. few more degrees. may be able to make it in most spots in the 70 degree mark. satellite and radar lot of cloudiness and rain moving in. first batch went through this morning. washington area with not a lot of heavy clouds and not a lot of rain producing clouds. a really heavy cluster of rain will move across areas of our south and head down to the raleigh durham area and off to the coast. we get late tonight into tomorrow, our futurecast highlighting some numerous opportunities for rain first with the cold front that's slowly going to sink to the south. winds right now are pretty mild. temperatures in the 60's sotherly southeasterly flow. tomorrow when the front goes to the south, the winds will start
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coming in off the atlantic ocean. it will be much cooler. 50's and maybe even barely into the 50's in many spots for the day on thursday. that's as the front goes to the south. each time the front moves back and forth, we have rain chances now and then and we get into friday and temperatures warm back up again. thunderstorms back in the forecast and eventually late friday, a cold front will move through and that should set the stage for a pretty nice weekend. as far as rainfall amounts, computer mod suggest and again, this isn't the absolute word but a suggestion and it makes sense the highest amounts will be southern maryland and eastern shore. lesser amounts for the next day or so a couple of days across most of the metro area. here's what we're going to watch for the next seven days for you. temperatures definitely headed down the other way after getting into the 70's today. 80% chance of rain at times. 40% probabilities tomorrow and thursday look much cooler. daytime highs in the 50's. and friday we'll pop back into the mid 70's. feel like spring again and spring thunderstorms for the cold front in the afternoon.
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sunshine on saturday and sunday. autria: are we talking about something significant enough to maybe knock some of the blossoms off the trees? doug: it's possible. heavy downpours and wind gusts are the biggest enemies heavy rain and/or high winds. combine both and it will rain petals. let's hope that doesn't happen. autria: fingers crossed. thank you. coming up here on abc 7 news at noon, how you can get a four-year college degree completely free. jummy: sounds good. and celebrations under way from last night's college championship for the men. lucky fan that got his entire bracket almost right.
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autria: today, washington capitals team captain alex ovechkin will be inducted into the ride of fame. he's being recognized for his on and off the ice accomplishments. the ride of fame is a series of mobile monuments dedicated to public figures. honorees are bestowed with a double-decker bus artwork display and personal seat featuring a private message to the world. go ovi. jummy: thrilling end to march madness. duke beat wisconsin in a nail biting game that many won't forget. >> run out of time and the blue devils are the national champions for 2015! jummy: after trailing nine points at halftime, the blue devils went on to beat the wisconsin badgers 68-63. duke got the championship trophy and got to cut down the net and coach k received his fifth title. and a sixth grader from the chicago area celebrating a big win as well. sam holtz' bracket was the best among more than 11 1/2 million filed on espn's ncaa bracket
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challenge. the 12-year-old picked all final four teams and he picked duke to win the national championship. sam said it only took him five minutes to fill out his bracket. and he won the $20,000 prize but has to be 18 to collect it. we don't know what he's going to walk away with. autria: bragging right. starbucks is offering its employees a great new benefit. four years of college for free! the coffee chain announced that baristas who do not already have a four year degree will be available for full tuition with the on-line program. 70% of its workers do not have bachelor's degrees. jummy: all right. the wet weather continues this week and doug is back with storms that could be headed our way. that's next.
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autria: raining? doug: not here. kind of cloudy. next seven days, take a look at the graphic here. 80% chance some areas will see showers and isolated thunderstorms this afternoon. might get into the 70's. but much cooler with chances of showers and drizzle tomorrow and thursday. much warmer as the warm front comes through friday. mid 70's with showers and afternoon thunderstorms clearing for the weekend. we'll have the same story to tell or maybe an improving one at 4:00. we'll try. autria: thanks
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